How To Deal With Head-Lice

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Getting rid of lice used to be such a pain in the neck. When you have kids, it is the kind of pain you are going to have to deal with at some point or another. There is nothing that can be done about that. Your kids may be clean and spiffy, but not all kids are. So, kids will be kids, and head-lice will travel to wherever they need to.

I tried several methods, and the one that ended up sticking is alcohol and tea tree essential oil. I soak their head in rubbing alcohol, put a bag over their head, and wait for a half hour. After that, I wash their head with a tea tree oil treatment, mixed with water, sea salt, and rosemary oil thrown in there as well. This gets rid of the lice, and the tea tree helps to prevent them – or their eggs – from staging a dramatic comeback. Now, this is something which works. Why? Because the alcohol kills them dead. Lice still need to breathe, and when you deprive them of oxygen and fill their bodies with alcohol fumes, well… it kills them imediately, same as it would with us!

I repeat the process four days later, to make sure that the eggs which may have survived (and the lice which have hatched) will not become cause the process to start all over again. It works.

Now, I know that not everyone is into putting alcohol on their heads. I dig that. If you feel like trying something else, by all means do. This is just something which I have found to be consistently deadly and precise. It gets the job done, and fast. It is one of the more efficient killers, as I see it. And as for the essential oils or other types of natural hair products, you can get a free sample from tons of places. If you don’t want to invest time and money into hunting for something specific, just sign up for some free products. There are many companies who use this kind of method, and if you want you can even write a review for the product and maybe get another sent to you. Every now and then there are these crazy promotions. Honeydew has some amazing products that you should definitely check out, come by and get a free sample.

Companies are desparately trying to enhance and maximize their reach, and their client base. You can get all kinds of stuff, but take the time to weed out the scam sites from actual legit companies. Don’t be giving out your information to any random schmoe online, right? Not telling anyone what to do with their info, but that is some common sense, I feel.

So, lice and other conditions aside, if you want to try some new products and see how you react to them, just get yourself online and see what kind of products could fit your skin, scalp, and body. What is great for one person may not be great for the other, so do some experimentation if you want to hit it. Shop natures design is an amazing company that has some of the best natural products on the market, check out their Facebook page to learn more.

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