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So, we’re apart of nature – apparently. We grew from nature, spawned in her womb. But perhaps, we humans are a bit like one of those problem children you see on those reality TV shows that get sent off to disciplinary camps or become subjects of a ‘super-nanny’ who whip’s them into shape over a weekend. Those poor mothers and fathers who always have bags under their eyes and look half-dead, stressed and depressed. If only the cameras kept rolling after the show was finished, and we got to see how long the effects actually lasted. I have a feeling that most of those children wind up back on the same path as they were on before – if not worse in some cases. Perhaps, instead of looking to artificial or deterministic solutions to our problems – which are generally products of our circumstance, which should try and treat the root cause of the problem. Check out honeydew products so you can begin that healthy trend.


Firstly, I think giving a child a healthy, nourishing diet is one of the most important steps in keeping them happy and relatively calm. Generally, the children are only products of an environment set by the parents (although in some cases, the child is a rare case). Most children in these shows are hopped up on sugary treats, sweets soda’s and fast foods – which can have a serious effect on mood swings, hyperactivity and a whole range of emotional issues, concentration problems and moodiness. The benefits of cooking good, healthy food for your children helps to ensure that they are eating correctly and balancing their bodies nutritional needs as well as making sure that they sit down with their family for a set time each day and discuss things that might have happened over the day or that might be affecting them, but in a casual non-confrontational manner (think ‘super-nanny’ here). This regular routine family time also helps to set up discipline in the child and gives them something to connect to or reflect on when they identify themselves in the family structure. This helps to build character and shape healthy identities – not shy or embarrassed children who act out as a means of getting attention or trying to express emotions they cannot express.

Secondly, giving your child a healthy amount of everyday essential vitamins or and nutrients is important for ensuring good healthy physical growth and emotional well-being. The chemicals in our brains are most vulnerable to fluctuations during our developing years, and often times habits or insecurities that are developed during those formative years, can have a major impact on our development later on in life.  So like I said, be sure to give your kids healthy options and a daily routine. You might experience a little pushback from time to time – kids will be kids, but I’m quite sure that they’ll thank you later in life. Good parents parent their children – they don’t control or manipulate them. But they also don’t let them take over.

You have to be firm, but gentle – and a healthy lifestyle leads to natural development and a calm(er) household.

So, vitamins and minerals for those naughty ones ad castor oil as punishment.

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